MS9007 – AC / DC Current converter


  • Isolated input/output
  • Ranges 0 ÷ 5A AC, 0 ÷ 10A AC, 0 ÷ 15A AC, 0 ÷ 20A AC
  • Output signal 4 ÷ 20 mA DC 2-wire connection
  • Small size (18x90x53 mm) and weight (max 50g)




MS9007 MS9017 AC-DC _2019-01-22_BG
MS9007 MS9017 AC-DC _2019-01-22_EN


The converter MS9007 of MICROSYST is a isolated converter of the effective value of alternating current with industrial frequency (or higher – as it is ordered) in direct current 4 ÷ 20 mA by 2-wire connection. Its basic advantage is that it is not necessary to interrupt the measured current circuit.
The converter MS9007 finds application for collecting of information for charging of the aggregates in the distributed measuring and controlling systems.