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About Us

The main goal of MICROSYST is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and continuous development and improvement of all products produced by us. We strive to do all our business quality. Guarantees to achieve high quality products and activities are qualification and professionalism, high sense of responsibility, compliance with the commitments. We rely on our accumulated experience and established traditions, but we are also responsible for applying the latest developments in equipment, technology and marketing.

What are we doing?

The main activities of MICROSYST are:

  • Production of products for  measurement and control of many industrial processes.
  • Calibration according to EN ISO / IEC 17025 of measuring instruments from the Accredited Calibration Laboratory
  • Engineering of Systems for Automation and Monitoring of Processes

MICROSYST produce sensors and probes, transmitters and converters, specialized and universal controllers, and many other devices for measurement and control of temperature, pressure, humidity, level, weight, flow and other process and electrical quantities.

Our devices are used in many different field of industry.

MICROSYST has implemented and certified quality management system EN ISO 9001: 2015.