Dynamic Pressure and Force


The Fast Data Loggers Series finds applications in the measurement and recording several fast processes: compression, ripple, stroke, cavitation, hydraulic and pneumatic pressure fluctuations, high intensity sound, shock and explosion waves, ballistics, explosive component testing, explosion testing in various ammunition, etc.

Dynamic Pressure Measurement and recording at extreme temperatures in an explosive environment - up to 6000 bar with 10uS sample rate

DL-F3 test

DL-F3 is designed for measurement and data collecting of dynamic pressure processes

◊ Sample ratemin 10 μs ;

Output Recorded txt files;

UART communication – USB converter / charger

Measurement mode – 500000 report

Analog Input – Piezo Resistive Quartz Sensor

Accuracy: ± 0.15%.

◊ Ranges from 0.690 Pa to 690 Mpa.

Anti-hail missile dynamic tests with MS DL-F

cloud missile

MS DL-F is a portable device designed for data collecting of analog variables in USB Flash memory.

◊ Sample rate – min 10 μs; max 99.99 ms

◊ Output – txt files on USB Flash Memory;

◊ Compatible USB Flash – FAT 12 / 16/32 format

◊ Measurement mode – 500000 report

◊ Analog input – Bridge sensors

◊ Accuracy: ± 0.5%.