For over 30 years, Microsyst specialists have been working on defining, developing, and implementing complete solutions optimized across a wide range of applications in industrial process control and machine control systems.


Part of our applications

    ⇒ Food industry Applications Related Product
Milk processing  Process control pasteurization
 HACCP – Temperature control and logging
 Milk collection – flow, temperature, pH
Bread production  Batching and mixing of flour
 Water dosing by quantity and temperature
 Control of tunnel, deck and rack ovens
 Control of Dough proofer 
 Automation of silos for flour
Canning  Data Loggers for sterilization with determination of F-ефект
 Automation of the sterilization process
Beer production  Data Loggers for pasteurization with calculation of PU – Ефект
 Controller for home brewery
Machines Automation of machines with weight and screw dosing
Controller for spritz machine for sweets 
Automation of packaging machines 




     ⇒ Energy production Applications Related Product
Chemical water purification analysis Online analysis of concentration – H2SO4, NaOH, NaCl
Control of  pH and conductivityof ultra pure water
Electrical signals Isolators, transmitters  and splitters of electrical signals 
Process quantities Transmitters with universal inputs with loop or RS 485 outputs
Indicators with universal inputs, multi color bar graph,  RS 485
Sensors for temperature, pressure, flow 
Calibrators Calibrators – signals, pressure, temperature 




       HVAC   Applications Related Product
  Solar systems  Controllers for solar heating systems   
Heat pumps  Controllers for heat pumps  
Air flow   Air flow controller
Temperature and humidity  Controllers for relative humidity and temperature 
Refrigeration rooms  Refrigeration controllers




      ⇒ Ecology and Water Analysis   Applications Related Product
         Waste water treatment plants    Waste water treatment after galvanization – pH, ORP
 Biological and chemical water treatment – DO, pH
 Измерване разход на отпадни води
Source water monitoring  Monitoring of  pH,  Cl. EC
Fish breeding  Control of pH and dissolved oxigen -DO





     ⇒ High temperature furnaces Applications Related Product
Production of ceramics  Program controller wit Ramp/Soak/State function
Metallurgy  High-temperature sensors




     ⇒  Specialized Applications Related Product
Military industry  Ballistic and blast testing – dynamic pressure loggers
 Data loggers for dynamic pressure
 Data loggers for dynamic force
Anti-hail systems

 Ballistic and blast testing – dynamic pressure loggers  
 Data loggers for dynamic force  
Sport  Data loggers for dynamic force