Weight Dosing

MS8368 is intended for indication and control of bathing and mixing of various products by weight method.

There is a choice of up to 9 blending products and up to 99 recipes (formulas). The input signal is formed by a load cells that is powered by the instrument.

  • Automatic and manual mode
  • Choice of 9 products (from 9 silos) for mixing and 99 recipes (formulas) with user choice of their name
  • Adaptive Criterion for Automatic Tare and Automatic tail correction
  • Stability criterion – Minimum allowable dose of silo, during dosing and dumping.
  • Setting of maximum allowable weight (for recipe) and minimum allowable weight (for silo)
  • Six-digit display format.
  • Ability to monitor remaining silo dosing material or percent performance in automatic mode.
  • Ability to set percent of recipe performance and number of recipe repeats in automatic mode
  • Isolated serial interface RS485 – MODBUS RTU
  • Backup dosing process in non-volatile memory

Water dosing

MS 8369 is a water mixer for a quantity of water (liquid) at a specific temperature.

The controller measures the temperature and water consumption and adjusts the hot and cold water dosing.

  • Automatic and manual mode
  • 100 programs with preset quantities and temperatures
  • Programmable parameters for automatic adaptation, tempering, etc.
  • Offset by quantity – possibility to compensate the residual quantity in the pipeline
  • Dosing mode with bypass and without bypassing
  • Simultaneous monitoring of: the amount of liquid, the measured internal or external temperature, and the set temperature (program number)
  • Insulated serial interface RS485 -MODBUS RTU
  • Universal power supply 90 … 250 V

Touch screen control panels with internet connection