MS8346 – Weight batching controller with analog output and RS485 MODBUS RTU communication


  • High measurement accuracy 0.003%
  • User selectable measurement speed – up to 80 SPS
  • Galvanic insulation of measurement part from the analog output, digital inputs and outputs and RS485
  • Fast selection of up to 4 sets of parameters by combination of two digital inputs
  • Automatic counter of ready doses
  • Analog output which transmits the measured process variable up to linearity 0.003 %
  • Communication MODBUS RTU by galvanically insulated RS485



MS8346 v2.1_2017-03-13_BG
MS8346 v2.1_2017-03-13_EN


MS8346 is suitable for including in dosing or batching systems by weight method. The input signal is formed by bridge weight sensor which is supplied by the device. The sensitivity and the power supply of the sensor are hardware fixed and have to be specified in the order code.

The analog output which is galvanically insulated from the analog input transmits the measured process variable. Most commonly used is uniform signal 0 ÷ 20 mA DC; 4 ÷ 20 mA DC ; 0 ÷ 10 V DC which has to be specified in the order code.

The device has four galvanically insulated from the measurement part digital inputs START, S1 and S2 and DUMP which are designed respectively to start the measurement, selection of specified in advance set-points with set of parameters for dosing and start dumping.

The controller has three digital outputs, which are user configurable.

Galvanically insulated from the other circuits RS485 by MODBUS RTU communication allows the controller to be included in systems for centralized monitoring and control of processes.