MS8116 – Profile controller


  • RAMP/SOAK/STATE functions
  • 6 programs with 16 possible set-points
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Head, Cool and Alarm discret outputs
  • Analog Output



MS8116 v1.08_2020-11-19_BG

MS8116 v107_2016-10-30_BG

MS8116 v1.08_2020-11-19 EN

MS8116 v107_2016-10-30_EN


The Profile controller of MICROSYST MS8116, is designed for control of processes, requiring control of the process parameter in different limits for different periods of time.
The controller can operate as ON/OFF or P controller and in mode of performing of set program. The number of the programs is 6, each one with 15 possible setpoints.
In case of power fault during the operation, all data are saved in non-volatile memory, including the current state of the controller, i.e. when the power supply is restored, the controller enters the same mode, in which it has been before the power fault.
The controller MS8116 finds application for control of ovens for decorative and medical ceramics.