MS9054 – Programmable triple isolated temperature transmitter with universal input


  • Universal input with integrated liner for 11 thermoresistances and 10 thermocouples as well as 3 customizable sensors.

  • Four-, three- or two-wire circuit for connection of thermal resistance

  • There is no need to calibrate the analog input for thermocouple type sensors

  • Automatic temperature correction of the cold end of all thermocouples – ON / OFF

  • Galvanic isolation between input, output and power supply.



MS9054 r2018-03-28 BG
MS9054 r2018-03-28 EN


MS9054 is offer as MS9054-A – with active output or MS9054-P – with passive output..

MS9054 is an universal input temperature transmitter for the most common RTD (resistance temperature detectors) and thermocouples. Transmitters have standard linearization with polynomials up to ninth degree for 11 thermoresistances, 10 thermocouples as well as three non-standard types of sensors with polynomial to third degree. The connection of the resistor sensors can be configured for a four-, three- or two-wire circuit.

The MS9054 has a triple galvanic isolation between input, output and power supply. Programming is performed on MODBUS RTU SLAVE protocol. Output signal is current 0/4 ÷ 20 mA. Transmitters are designed for DIN rail mounting.