MS9023 – Two wire pH / ORP transmitter


  • Range and measuring accuracy:

             pH -2.00 ÷ 16.00 / 0.01

             °C 0.0 ÷ 100.0 / 0.1

             mV – 700 ÷ 700 / ± 0.3

  • 2-Wire, self-powered from the line
  • Automatic calibration
  • Automatic temperature correction of the calibration buffers
  • Protection class: IP65



The 2-wire transmitters MS9023, offered by MICROSYST, are designed for supervision of the measured values by an pH electrode and transmitting of the signal in long distances to controlling or indicating device, located out of the site.
MS9023 has a function of automatic calibration and automatic temperature correction of the value of the calibrating buffers, and automatic temperature correction in mode of measurement of pH. On the display you can supervise the measured value of pH, the temperature °C or the voltage in mV.
MS9023 self-supplies by the information line. The output signal is unified current, which guarantees noise immunity of the long transfer lines. The connecting cable may be 2-wire (it is not necessary to be shielded), which vastly decreases the expences for installation, especially at long distances. MS9023 is perfect for installation in the open air (IP65).
The device can work as ORP transmitter, if it is for range -2000 ÷ 2000 mV.