MS9024 – MODBUS RTU programmable temperature transmitters with universal input


  • Universal input with linearization for 11 RTDs and 10 thermocouples and 3 user selectable sensors
  •  4-, 3- or 2-wire connection of the RTD
  • No need from calibration of the analog input at sensors type thermocouple
  • Automatic temperature compensation of the cold end of all thermocouples
  • Galvanic insulation between input and output signal in MS9024



MS9024 & MS9034 r2018-05-11 BG
MS9024 & MS9034 r2018-05-11 EN

MS9024 and MS9034 are temperature transmitters with universal input for the most common RTDs and thermocouples. In transmitters there is standard linearization with polynomial up to degree nine for 11 RTDs, 10 thermocouples and three non-standard types of sensors with polynomial up to degree three. The electrical connection of the RTD sensors can be configured for 4-, 3- or 2-wire scheme.

The output signal is transmitted via RS485 interface with MODBUS RTU SLAVE protocol for MS9024 or 2-wire current loop 4÷20 mA for ?S9034. The transmitters are suitable for Din Rail mounting.