MS8368 – Weight batching and mixing controller


  • Up to 9 products
  • Up to 99 recipes
  • Automatic Tare correction
  • Automatic adjustment of the tail
  • Automatic control of the process
  • Logging of the batching process
  • Communication MODBUS RTU by insulated RS485



MS8368 is designed for control the process of dosing and mixing of different materials (products) by the weight method. There is a choice up to 9 materials (products) for mixing and up to 99 different options for recipes (formulas).

The input signal is formed by weight sensor

The device has automatic and manual mode, as has 9 discrete outputs for nine silos (S 1-9) and four independent control outputs, respectively designed for process, speed, pace and alarm.

On the consumer is given a choice for output  S9 (silo 9) to work as other silos or dump container (mixer).

The controller has a programmable parameters for automatic tare, automatic adjustment of the tail, the maximum allowed weight in the mixer (recipe) and minimum allowable weight of the silo.