MS8222 W – Flowmeter / Batch Controller


The MS8222 is designed to count the number of input pulses received and to generate
output when 2 preset values are reached. The counter has a six-digit display and a software
divisor / multiplier to ensure its operation with sensors with different gear ratios. The unit is
equipped with a non-volatile memory, which stores the setting and readings before turning
off the power.



MS8222 v3.1_2020-04-27 BG
MS8222 v3.1_2020-04-28 EN


The MS8222 counter has two modes – ACTIVE and INACTIVE, differing in output
behavior. In both modes, the unit registers the input pulses, adding or subtracting them from the
accumulated value according to the status of the Reverse input.
In ACTIVE mode, when the accumulated value reaches a preset level, the outputs K1 and K2
are changed according to the states defined by the parameters “Zone 1” and “Zone 2”. The outputs
correspond to the states set by “Zone 1” for an accumulated value between 0 and (SP1-SP2) and the
outputs specified by “Zone 2” for an accumulated value between (SP1-SP2) and SP1. The status of
the outputs is indicated by the LEDs K1 and K2.
In INACTIVE mode, the outputs are always off, and the counter continues to count. In either
mode, when the value 0 is reached (when subtracted) or the value determined by the parameter
“HLEvEL” (when summed), the counter goes to “inactive” mode, alternating between 0 and
“nnnnnn” or “HLEvEL” and “uuuuuu ” until a reset.
In the event of a power failure, the counter remembers the accumulated value and after
restoration enters it with INACTIVE mode.