MS8132D – Controller for refrigeration with ModBus RTU communication


  • Control of compressor, fan and defrosting
  • Communication (option) – RS485, MODBUS RTU protocol
  • In a set of 2 NTC sensors
  • Small overall dimensions  M36 DIN RAIL
  • Easy operation



MS 8132 DIN_RAIL_2015-05-05 BG
MS 8132 DIN_RAIL_2015-05-05 EN


The controller MS8132 DIN of MICROSYST is designed for control of refrigerator installations. The controller can operate in two operating modes – cooling and defrosting. MS8132 DIN has two analog inputs for supervising of the temperature of the refrigerator chamber and the temperature of the evaporator, and a multifunctional digital input (alarm, open door, etc.). The three digital outputs of the controller control compressor, fan and defrosting with electric heater or “hot gas”. The user can easy adjust the device for operation in the selected mode. The controller has non-volatile memory, in which all data from the adjustments are saved in case of power fault. 

The controller is in a set of 2 NTC sensors – one for control of the temperature of refrigerator chamber and one for mounting in the evaporator, which controls defrosting and fan. It is configured by parameters programmable by buttons on the front panel. Communication – RS485, MODBUS RTU protocol.