DL F2 – Two channel fast logger



● Three modes of starting the data logger:
   – At programmable time after activation ;
   – By Trigger Level of chanel 1 ;
    – By digital input.
● Two differential analog inputs suitable for bridge sensors;
● Two measurement methods balancing between consumption and fast response depending on the purpose of the measurement or experiment;
● Low frequency filter of Input signal;
● Startup Tare Function for Each Channel;
● Built-in timer and auto-off function;
● Stored prehistory;
● User setting and device configuration.


➔ Two analogue inputs – weight and weight, weight and pressure, temperatures and etc. are measured
➔ Provides data transfer from the data logger by USB Flash Memory.
➔ Delay timer output and activation input are available
➔ User configuration of the device and many built-in functions
➔ Universal Data Logger for collecting experimental data in various applications.