SR 03 – Controller for solar and heating systems


  • Range and accuracy -20 ÷ 200 / ± 0.5 °
  • Protection from danger of freezing of the liquid in the collector
  • Protection of the pipes from superheating
  • Mounting – wall (IP65) and DIN rail



SR03_2019-01-31 BG
SR03_2020-04-22 EN

Microsyst’s SR 03 is a specialized controller designed for control of solar systems and control of the temperature of a boiler by supervising of temperature in three points – one in solar collector, one on top and one on bottom part of the boiler. The device controls two relay outputs (for control of pump and heater) on the base of the read differences of the temperature of the separate points. The principle of operation of the device is keeping of the temperature of the water-container by fluid, heated by the solar collector and the electric heater. The temperature difference between the water-container and the collector is used for control of circulation pump.