MS6016 – Process indicator with the ability to root the input value


  • Ability to root the input signal
  • Universal input – user selectable
  • Measurement accuracy for current and voltage input – 0.015% of the range
  • Galvanically isolated analog output – user adjustable
  • Programmable discrete outputs – 4 pieces
  • Programmable digital filter on input, output and display
  • Universal power supply
  • Isolated RS485 – MODBUS RTU interface
  • LED display – 20 mm



MS6016  r2019-06-24_BG


MS6016 is designed for measuring and regulating various technological quantities. The analog input is hardware defined and is user selectable via the request code. The input can be linear, resistive temperature sensor, thermocouple or other on request.

The controller has the ability to programmatically turn on / off the rooting function when linearizing the input value.

The device has 4 discrete outputs – K1, K2, K3, K4. The discrete outputs implement an ON / OFF control law with one-way hysteresis and switch-on delay. Shutdown is immediate. All outputs have independent jobs and are controlled by two own boundaries (jobs) – lower ALo and upper AHi. Each of these jobs for each output can be excluded from parameter control.

The controller also has an analog transmitter isolated output, which retransmits the input value into a unified output current or voltage signal. When the analog output is configured, current and voltage outputs are output simultaneously, but which cannot work simultaneously. The type of output is determined by a parameter. The user can select the input signal range 0 … 100% or 20 … 100%, corresponding to 0 … 20 mA or 4 … 20 mA. Depending on the connection, the output can be active or passive.

The MS6016 communicates via the MODBUS RTU protocol, via an isolated RS485 line (optional on request), which allows remote monitoring of processes and setting of various parameters and modes to up to 32 or 256 / with a special driver / connected controller (without repeater).

The controller provides current-limited and galvanically protected voltages for transmitter power supply and for its analog outputs.

All parameters are stored in non-volatile memory, including the current state of the controller