MS3002 – Isolated converter current to current


  • Galvanically isolated input/output
  • Input range 2 ÷ 22mA DC
  • Input power supply 3 ÷ 33V DC
  • Output power supply 9 ÷ 33V DC
  • Small size (18x90x53 mm) and weight (max 50g)



MS3002 I-I_2019-01-22_BG
MS3002 I-I_2019-01-22_EN


MICROSYST’S MS3002 is a passive galvanically isolated 2-wire converter of 4 ÷ 20mA DC to 4 ÷ 20mA DC. The converter ensures an isolation between input and output current loop – 5kV and is a passive device with input part powered by the input loop and outer part powered by the output loop.

MS3002 is applicable for isolation of transmitters and analogue outputs of devices, for protection of input circuits of controllers, frequency converters and other electronic devices.