MS2000RH / MS2012RH – Handheld Humidity Meter


  • High accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Small size
  • Automatic battery control
  • Programmable automatic switching off
  • Simultaneously temperature and relative humidity measurement
  • Simultaneously visualization of the two measuring values (only for MS2000RH)



MS2000_2012 RH 2019-02-05 BG
MS2000_2012 RH 2020-04-23EN


MS2000RH / MS2012RH of Microsyst are handheld devices which are designed for measuring of temperature and relative humidity of atmospheric air, non-aggressive gases and air mixtures. MS2000RH is with alpha -numeric LCD display and MS2012RH is with 4 digit LCD display.

The small size and weight make them easy to use. MS2000RH and MS2012RH are applicable in all the branches where it is necessary the humidity and temperature of dry rooms or damping chambers, storehouses, production houses to be checked.