LT Con – level and temperature controller


  • 3 working modes – temperature controller, temperature and level controller, level controller
  • Level controller – adaptive according to the operating medium
  • User selectable mode of level control – filling/emptying
  • User selectable ON/OFF or proportional temperature control mode
  • Delay ON 
  • Option for emergency switching off of the heater at absence of liquid






The model LT CON of “Microsyst” is designed for control of filling/emptying of water, water solutions or other conductive liquids.
It has four inputs – two inputs for probes “HIGH LEVEL” and “LOW LEVEL”, and the other two inputs are performed in two variants – probes for “HIGH ALARM”, “LOW ALARM” or with input for temperature sensor Pt100.
The model LT CON – level and temperature controller with input Pt100 can realize ON/OFF or proportional algorithm of temperature control (program selectable).There is an option for emergency switching off of the heater at absence of liquid.
LT CON – level controller with 4 inputs for level probes allows different variants for control of 1 or 2 vessels with hysteresis by level and/or by time. The operating mode filling/emptying is program selectable by the user.