MS8131 NTC – Temperature controller witn NTC sensor


  • Low Cost
  • Small dimensions 76x35x62 mm
  • ON / OFF or P control
  • In a set with NTC sensor 
  • Measurement and regulation range -40 ÷ 120°C




MS 8131NTC 2017-01-19 BG
MS 8131NTC 2017-01-19 EN


Microsyst offers a temperature controller MS8131NTC with ON / OFF or Proportional control . The device features with a low cost and small dimensions. It has 2 relay outputs for control of heating / cooling and one alarm output. MS8131NTC is in a setwith NTC sensor. It is configurable through parameters programmable with the buttons on the front panel. The device is suitable for all areas of industry where the adjustment of the temperature is necessary in the range -40 ÷ 120°C and is with an attractive low price.