MS6126 – Process Meter with Tricolor Bargraph and Universal Input


  • High measurement accuracy – 0.01%. Temperature stability – drift <10 ppm/°C
  • Universal input with 31 types of sensors, 6 of which customer adjustable
  • Universal power supply 90 ÷ 250 VAC
  • Tricolor bargraph – 7 zones that can be configured by the customer as levels and color – green, red or orange
  • Five digital outputs that can be controlled with individual set-points
  • Simultaneously output galvanically isolated current and voltage outputs
  • Simultaneously output active and passive current output
  • Galvanically isolated communication port – RS485 MODBUS RTU
  • Precise temperature correction of the cold end of thermocouples – Pt100, Cl. B
  • Programmable exponential low frequency filter
  • Programmable filter for peaks in the measurement circuit
  • Deep filter for noise rejection from power supply NMRR 80dB at 50Hz or NMRR 65dB for use at 50/60Hz – universal power supply





MS6026 & MS6126 v2_2 r2015-03-20 BG
MS6026 & MS6126 v2_2 r2015-03-20 EN


MS6126 is designed for mesurement and control of different process parameters. The measured value is displayed on LED display and LED bargraph.
The device supports MODBUS RTU protocol by isolated RS485 serial channel. The analogue output is transmitting and galvanically isolated from the other channels.
              The presence of a programmable by color and range bargraph ensures easy and rapid differentiation of normal, warning or critical situations.

 The device is applicable as:

– Process meter with bargraph and three digital outputs

– Converter of a process variable to unified analogue signal or its transmition by serial MODBUS RTU protocol